Dear you,


Hello. I want to first start by saying that you are beautiful. Wake up every single day knowing it, owning it, embracing it, living it. Look at yourself square in the mirror and see the woman that gives her all for those she loves. You are passionate. You are independent. You are a go getter. You’re an amazing Mother and deserve so much happiness in life.

I need you to stop doubting who you are. The past few years have been rough for you. But look where you are now. You are doing it. You are living, you are surviving, and you are finding you again. You have found amazing friends, and not just any friends, but the kind who understand your heart and soul. Your struggles have only made you a better Mother, a better friend. You are kind and you are strong.

I need you to make a promise to yourself. Are you ready? Promise to never settle. Beautiful souls like yours should never settle for anything less than the best of your dreams. If you want more, get it. If you yearn for more, find it. Keep searching for whatever it is that you need and desire in this world. Those dreams of yours…are not unattainable. They are yours if you make them yours. Never, and I repeat, NEVER, doubt your greatness or your worthiness.

When it comes to love, allow yourself to love fully. Find that love that makes you feel all tingly inside. Those butterflies should never fade away. A good love, a happy love, a true love never fades. But girl, you have to work for it. Love like you yearn to be loved. Find the one that helps you be the best you possible. Find the one that you can count on for support and understanding. Find the one that appreciates your tears and all those emotions and feelings you have going on in that pretty little head of yours. If you have doubts, listen to them. Trust your gut. And never allow your fear of hurting others take priority and hurt yourself in the process.

Please don’t allow your fears dictate your future. Because guess what, you have one life. This is it. You have one shot to figure all this out. You are capable of living the life you want. You are worthy of all things beautiful. Be confident in who you are. Because girl, you are fucking beautiful.




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