Letter to the Man Who Won’t Let Go

Think back to the day you met her.

Something about her drew you in. There was an innocence about her. She was happy. She was beaming with positivity. She was excitement. She was fun.

Your love story was a whirlwind of fairy tail proportion. You both jumped all in and vowed to share your heart and soul with one another for all of eternity. You promised to love one another through it all, no matter what. You believed nothing could ever come between the two of you. You promised to honor the depths of her soul, honor her feelings. You promised to be her strength whenever she was weak and be the one to remind her that she is strong, that she is beautiful, and that she is worth of all things beautiful.

You can run through things over and over in your head to figure out when it all started to go wrong…to figure out when and why and how there became this void between the two of you. Do you remember when you stopped appreciating one another? Do you remember the moment you looked at her and it felt like you had become strangers?

Things happened, bad habits set in, dysfunctional communication happened. He said, she said, his fault, her fault. Does it really matter? Here you are.

She is asking you to let her go. Her heart has been hurt more than she could have ever imagined and when she tells you that she cannot love you the way that you deserve to be loved by someone, believe her.

You broke her. Plain and simple and you know it’s true. And now, more than ever, you want to be the one there for her. You want to be the man you should have been for her all along. But I need you to understand something.

She trusted you with all that she was. She believed in you. She had your back every second of every day despite all the pain it caused her. She warned you that she was only so strong. She warned you that one day she would break and on that day, you would no longer be the one that was able to put her pieces back together.

Her love for you is gone. That love that you thought could never fade has faded. It wasn’t her choice. She fought to hold onto it with every last fight she had in her. But she couldn’t win that fight alone and you were gone. You weren’t there to fight with her, by her side, strengthening each other for the sake of your lives together.

You know that the woman you love deserves the world. She deserves happiness and not just any happiness…the kind that radiates from her every pore and shines on the rest of the world around her. She is not meant for darkness.

She is no longer the woman you met that first day you laid eyes on her. She is no longer yours.

She is begging you to let her go. Give her the peace she deserves and let her find herself again. She deserves the innocence and happiness she once had…that you fell in love with. You owe it to her.

Please accept what she is telling you. Please stop second guessing it and trying to convince her that she doesn’t really feel that way. After everything the two of you have gone through, she deserves to have her feelings validated, understood, and respected. Her heart is broken and she deserves to put it back together in her own way. Trust that she knows what is best for her.

Think back to the day you met her.

Say goodbye and give her the space to find that girl she once was.

A true love is unselfish.



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