More Beautiful Than You’ll Ever Truly Understand

She doesn’t have time for games.

And she doesn’t deserve them.

You see that woman right there…

Yes her.

The beautiful one standing there with that smile on her face. She’s the one that has it all together. She’s successful, and stronger than you’ll ever know. She handles life with grace. She makes it all look so easy right?

But guess what,

she has been through hell and back. And yes she is strong. Likely stronger than you could ever dream of being. She will keep being strong. But let me tell you… she is exhausted.

Her only dream was to share a life and a family with a partner…with someone more than just lust and excitement and butterflies. Someone who sees her for who she really is. Someone that sees her soul and works every day to preserve that beauty she holds inside.

You see, she never planned her life out this way. Nobody every really does. But just because it wasn’t planned or wasn’t a part of her dream, it doesn’t mean she would change anything. She is who she is because of what she’s been through. She will keep fighting, for her and for her children. Because she deserves happiness. A true happiness. And she doesn’t have the time or the energy for artificial bullshit.

So let me tell you what she deserves so that you don’t waste her time if you aren’t willing and capable of giving it all to her and more.

She deserves a best friend. Someone that she can be her true self around. Someone that loves her for her strengths and nurtures her weaknesses. She deserves a man. A real man. A man that speaks with honesty and listens with compassion. She deserves so much more than pretty words and wonderful promises. She deserves the real deal. She deserves the love of a lifetime.

She is a badass with a tender heart. She is independent, and fiercely independent at that. Do not be intimidated. Stand by her side willingly and proudly. She won’t be with you because she needs you. She doesn’t need anyone. Be the man that she wants to share her beauty with.


She loves with her whole heart and soul. A love that you will never known until her. She is selfless. And any man she gives that to, is a very lucky man. And if she chooses you, you better spend the rest of your days on this Earth loving her with the same passion and ferociousness that she loves you with.


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